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General Description:

SAPTEX-STYROSAP is a rigid closed-cell expanded foam Polsyrene foam moulded or injected, produced in various densities and shapes.     SAPTEX-STYROSAP products are used to insulate floors, walls, roofs & pipes. SAPTEX-STYROSAP can be used for: void forming, light weight concrete, soil filtering, packaging… etc. its produced in densities ranging from    16 to 35 kg/m^3 and in different forms, such as boards ( for floors, walls & roofs ), pipe sections  for pipe insulation,  special forms as hordi blocks, inserts for Styroblocks and other special shapes used for different application.




   STYRO-COMP boards comprising of gypsum plaster board bonded to the insulation for internal insulation.

   STYRO-BLOCKS made of concrete having SAPTEX inserts in the center for construction.

   FLOOR & ROOF INSULATION Styroof boards density range from 24 to 35 kg/m^3 are used, for floor and roof insulation.

   Hordistyrene blocks also be used as an alternate to concrete blocks in rib slabs.

   PIPE INSULATION Styro-Pipes of density range from 24 to 35 kg/rn3 are used

    for pipe insulation. These are supplied in sections with factory applied aluminum foil jacketed or plain.


         Board: 500 X 2000, 1000 X 2000, AND 1200 X 2000 (MM).

         Other sizes are available on request.

         Boards with straight or rebated edges can be supplied.

         Pipes: 15 mm dia and upwards with 20 mm thickness and above.

         Hordistyrene: 400/350 X 250 (mm) (other sizes on request).

         Styro blocks: 400 x 200 x 65 (mm) (other sizes on request).

         SAPTEX-STYROSAP is vermin and rodent proof & inter to most of the