SAPTEX Wall & Rootboards consist of rigid closed- cell polyurethane (PUR) or Polyisocyanurates (PIR) foam laminated with various types of facings.    SAPTEX Wall & Roofboards are manufactured in various thicknesses ranging from  20 to 150 mm and densities from 32 to 50 kg/m3. Densities over 35 kg/m3 are produced on requested).



SAPTEX  Wall & Roofboards are produced on a modern computerized- control plant, resulting in a very high quality product, which meets the requirements of national, regional and international rigid, cellular, thermal insulation standards! Specifications.

These include:

ASTM-c-1013, ASTM-C-591, HH-I_1972, ASTM-E-84, DIN-4102, BS 476, JS, SASO, GULF, ISO .etc.

 SAPTEX Wall & Roofboards are laminated during the production process, foam auto-adhering with the required facing material, hence thee is no risk of delamination as, in case, when adhesive is applied. A wide variety of facing  materials are available. Different facing on either side of the board can be applied if required. Facing materials are Asphalt saturated felt paper, Glass fiber tissue with polyethylene film, cellulose fiber glass, Aluminum foil backed with Kraft paper, and aluminum foil backed by Glassmat.


2400 mm X 1200 mm and 1200 mm X 1200 mm. Other sizes available on request. Wall & Roofboards are normally produced with straight edges; rebated edges are available at a little extra cost.

For large orders, SAPTEX offers products accustomed to client requirements.

(Independent research has proved that bigger board sizes have better thermal resistance values).