We thanks you for the opportunity to introduce ourselves as an Insulation Products Factory SAPTEX, which was established in 1980 as a Saudi American joint venture between Saudi Plastic Products Co. (SAPPCO) as the local partner and the American Oil Company    (Texaco) being the foreign partner.

 After mastering the technical know-how and establishing itself as the leader in producing, marketing and developing thermal insulation systems and materials, based on Polyurethanes (FUR), Polyisocyanurates (PIR) and Polystyrenes (EPS), SAPTEX has become 100% owned by SAPPCO.

SAPTEX which started with one product, Polyurethane (PUR) laminated boards is now  grown to be the only producer a wide range of products such as:

    1-     Polyurethane (PUR) boards for floor, wall and roof insulation.

2-     Polyisocyanurates (PIR) boards for floor, all and roof insulation.

3-     FUR & FIR, pipe, duct & vessel insulation (low, medium & high density).

4-     FUR/FIR chemical systems for injection, spray & other applications.

5-     Facility for injection doors & panels with PUR/PIR foam.

6-     CFC/HCFC free STYROGOLD Polystyrene products with enhanced properties.

7-     STYROSAP Expanded Polystyrene boards and pipe insulation.

8-     Styro-Til, the suspended ceiling tiles (decoration, thermal insulation & sound proof).

9-     Injected, Shape-Moulded Polystyrene for insulation & packaging.

10- Styroblock, the insulated cement blocks with Tongue & Groove (T & G) joints.

11- Deco-Lite polystyrene cut-to-shape for decoration purposes.

12- Hordi-Styrene, the superior alternative for cement hordi blocks used for rib slabs.

13- Saptex Composite Boards for Interior Walls & Roof insulation.

 Our huge production capacity and storage facilities enable us to meet delivery schedules on time, with short notices.

SAPTEX was among the first companies accredited with the ISO 9002 certificate for maintaining quality management system (we are working on implementing TQM soon). lab maintains the strict quality standards enabling us to develop products exceeding customers’ expectations.

 In additional to the research and development carried out as SAPTEX Plant, our partners and raw materials suppliers are committed to provide us with most advanced manufacturing technologies.   

It is our pleasure to offer you SAPTEX products, which will meet almost all of your insulation requirements.