ROOF GUARD   boards are made of rigid extruded polystyrene foam with closed cell and uniform cell structure, excellent thermal conductivity and long lasting of R-value, Very good mechanical properties and excellent resistance to vapour and water absorption.



ROOF-GUARD is extruded polystyrene rigid foam with integral high density skin manufactured according to ASTM-C578 or BS 3837 Part 2, with the following technical characteristics.


Density                                             :      32 -35 Kg/M

Board Size                                       :     1250 x 600 mm (or requested lengths upto300mm)

Thickness                                         :     20, 40, 50, 60, 75 and 100 mm (or as requested in between)

Edges                                               :     Shiplap,  (rebated edges): T& G or straight.

Thermal Conductivity (K-value)       :    0.028 W/mK (0.19 Btu.In/Ft h F)     (At 24C) 

Compressive Strength (at 10% def.):    300 kPa or 43 psi                                                                

Water Absorption                           :    0.2% by Volume                                                   

Water Vapour Permeability               :    0.4 0.6 Perm-Inc                                                             










ROOF GUARD is a thermal insulating board can be used for both "inverted-system" and "conventional-system".



1.                              INVERTED ROOF SYSTEM:


                                           This system became standard as it is proved over the period of time. As many consultants, contractors and architectures prefer and recommend using this system as it has many advantages than conventional system. The concept of this system is the roofing membrane is laid directly on to the roof deck followed by roof guard boards with ship lap edges as an insulating layer, with separation layer laid over it, and then the final layer can be gravel or paving slabs.


A)    Advantages of the inverted roof system.


  The water proofing membrane is protected from the various effects of the weather and mechanical stresses occurring during construction which increase member life.

  The inverted Roof System reduce Maintenance costs of the roof .









                 B)    installation recommendations:

                                      The concrete deck should be clean and smooth if it is rough

                           it is advisable to install protection sheet underneath the membrane.

                           The water proofing membrane should be good quality and free of

                           solvents which could attack XPS foam and could laid directly on concrete deck.

                           In next stage the XPS insulation boards should be laid loosely over the membrane

                           with tight staggered joints. Paving slabs or gravels should be laid loosely over the

                          XPS insulation boards.